ComiKlex, a Webcomic CMS

Publish your own webcomic on any webspace!


Designed for Webcomics

ComiKlex is specifically written to meet the needs of webcomic artists and their readers.

Easy to use from the first steps

Both installation and daily use are kept as easy as possible.

Minimal requirements

You can only afford cheap webspace? ComiKlex got your back! You can run it on any webspace that supports contemporary PHP.

What is it?

ComiKlex is a free Webcomic CMS. The project was started many years ago, when Featherpants needed an easy way to host RedTown. At that time, if you wanted to host your own webcomic you had to either write your own homepage, or use other software, in ways it wasn't meant to. The later tended to cause issues.

The goal for ComiKlex was to design a Webcomic CMS. A content management system specifically for webcomics. Easy to use, with minimal requirements, so even inexperienced users could install it on the cheapest webspaces. Secial care is also given to reduce the loading speed of the webpages.

Since then ComiKlex went through lots of iterations. While it was only used on one webcomic, great care was given to ensure it stayed versitile. In 2019 it was decided that ComiKlex would be made accessible for public use. In June of 2019 it was presented at Comic Con Germany and this site went live.


With ComiKlex I improved the loading speed of my comic so much. Its way faster and more stable then using a workdpress. It's easy to set up without any knowledge of coding. Its a free and simply fast working content management system. Thaks to a secured Adminstrative backend the user can easily manage all pages with a self explaining graphical interface. It simply works!