So you want to host your webcomic? Thank you for considering ComiKlex!

ComiKlex is a simple Content Management System for Webcomics. But beware, you may encounter one meme or another. Because life is short and I like memes.

After a quick installation you can start a comic and upload comic pages.

In a year or two, you want to add a spin-off or another language? Just start a new comic and "DO IT!". Because ComiKlex is meant to manage however many comics you have.

Sound good? Then head over to the next chapter and:

Let's do the thing!


Download the latest version of ComiKlex here:


System Requirements

ComiKlex is designed to have low system requirements. All it needs is:

  • Some webspace that can run PHP 7. (PHP 5 may work, but is so far untested)
  • A MySQL database.
  • An mail server (in case you forget your password)

You can find out from your host, if your webspace meets the requirements.

Optional but highly recommended:
A certificate, so your domain can use HTTPS.
It is free and makes your login more secure!


This guide is written under the assumption that you have listened to the recommendation above and can use HTTPS.

How to proceed if you want to install ComiKlex on your webspace:

  1. Download ComiKlex from here.
  2. Extract the contents of .
  3. Open your favorite FTP client and connect to your webspace. If you don't have an FTP client, I recomment Total commander.
  4. Navigate to the directory, you want to use as the root for ComiKlex.
  5. Copy the contents of the directory created in step 2, to the webspace.
  6. Now open your browser and enter (for example
  7. Here you need to fill out a form. Most of the information needed is selfexplainatory. Some you may ask your host for.
  8. Once you are done, click on "Do the thing".
  9. Congratulations! Comiklex is now being installed.

Admin area


Here you get a small overview over your comics. Which comics you have and how many chapters and pages they have.If you want to see more details, you can click on either comic pages or chapters to jump directly to a list.


The theme of your comic viewing page is defined by a template. ComiKlex comes with a default theme and in the future more will be awailable on its website. In the Settings you can change the Template, define a header image, and change some of the colors.

Apart from that, you can upload an icon for ComiKlex to use. This needs to be called "favicon.ico"

Lastly, there are some general settings.


You can upload images, which can be inserted in the menu or in webpages, used as a header image or as a comic cover. These are listed here.

If you want to upload a new image just click on the "Add" button at the top.


ComiKlex creates a landing page in the root directory, where you have installed it. If you need a webpage which has nothing to do with your comics or is something every comic has in common, you can create it here. (e.g. if you live in germany, you need an "imprint"/"Impressum" linked on every webpage)

When you add or edit a webpage, you will be forwarded to a form, containing an HTML editor. Below that is a preview, giving the user some visual aid.

So you have created a bunch of Webpages, but you can't see them on your website? Of course!! You need to add it to the menu.

You have three menus to choose from.

  1. A left aligned menu.
  2. A right alighned menu.
  3. A footer

The first two are nested in the navigation bar at the top. This will be reduced to a menu button, on small screens, like smartphones.

Click the "+" button where you want to add your menu item. You will be forwarded to the definition form of the menu item.

Here you can select the type of the menu item you want to select.

  • Internal link will let you choose from a list of webpages in the context.
  • External link requires you to input a url. This can also be used to link in between contexts/comics
  • Dropdown will create a new level to the menu, giving you more space for links. (There are no dropdowns in dropdowns)

You can select a text and or an icon for any of these options


This is where you manage your comics. Comics have a name, cover, a short form of the name (for the subdirectory) and a description.

Cover name and description will be shown, when a link to your comic is shared e.g. on discord.

When you create a comic, ComiKlex makes a new directory in the root directory according to the comic short name. This is where all comic specific files will be stored.

Additionally there will be a new menu item generated in the admin area. See the next chapter for information on it.

Comic specific

For every comic a comic specific dropdown is created in the menu. It is named after the comic and manages everything comic specific.

  • Webpages in the context of the comic
  • The comic pages
  • The comic chapters
  • The menu in the context of the comic, where we have one additional menu item type: a chapter list


Here you can change your username, email or password



Twitter: @mcsonovicski